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What is the difference between the professional and standard syringes?

  • The Pro syringes are made of a superior thermoplastic that will stand up to a lifetime of bleeding. They are also re-buildable and include extra seals with each pro kit.

How long will my order take to ship?

  • We ship the majority of orders same day via USPS. It typically takes  2-4 business days for domestic orders to be received.

Is your website safe?

  • This Web site is secured with a Web Server Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. This is enhanced security that surpasses most eCommerce sites. The enhanced security also verifies Bleed Bicycles as a valid organization.

Do you stand behind your products?

  • We have built our business around customer service. If something goes wrong we will get you a replacement asap. A happy customer is a customer for life.

Can I use my Avid kit on my XLoc or other suspension item?

  • We do not advise using a brake kit on anything but brakes. DOT fluid is not compatible with other fluids and any residue could be detrimental to your other component internals.

What is the difference between DOT 4 and DOT 5.1?

  • DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 are backwards compatible and made from polyethylene glycol. Polyethylene glycol fluids are hygroscopic and will absorb water from the atmosphere. The difference between them is the point at which they would boil. We boiling point refers to 3.7% water in the fluid by volume.

Brake Fluid Boiling Points


 Dry boiling point 

 Wet boiling point 

 DOT 3

 205 °C (401 °F)

 140 °C (284 °F)

 DOT 4

 230 °C (446 °F)

 155 °C (311 °F)

 DOT 5.1 

 260 °C (500 °F)

 180 °C (356 °F)